Value of a Guide

The Value of a Quality Texoma Fishing Guide

You may be wondering if its worth the money to hire a fishing guide?

Here are a few benefits of hiring a guide and the value:

If you rent a boat up to 6 hours it will cost you $300 to $500 dollars plus fuel on a boat rental. Boat rental does not include the rental for fishing gear, that is an additional cost.

It takes lots of time to catch bait, plus you will have to have nets to catch the baitfish.

When you hire a guide, you not only renting the boat but you are also getting a local expert that knows where to find bait. We also know all the fishing hotspots and current trends, and what is currently going on with the lake and the fish.

Guides start our day long before you. We must go catch our bait to fish plus prep all the gear and tackle needed to fish. We also fuel the boat and check it for maintenance.

Most importantly we clean, filet, and bag all those fish you caught.